TOEFL Primary (Student Series)

About the TOEFL® Primary™ Tests

The TOEFL Primary tests are the first step on a student’s path to reaching his or her full potential. The tests measure students’ English communication skills and progress in English classes – and provide meaningful feedback about their abilities to both you and their parents.


The TOEFL Primary tests are designed to:

1. Assess the general English-language proficiency of young students ages 8+

2. Provide a snapshot of each student’s ability in listening, reading and speaking

3. Support teaching and learning by giving information about students’ abilities in relation to a widely accepted international standard


TOEFL Primary Reading and Listening Test —Step 1The Reading and Listening test —Step 1 is intended for students in the earlier stages of English learning and covers:

1. Familiar contexts (school, home, playground)

2. Basic formulaic expressions

3. Basic vocabulary and phrases related to common objects and people

4. Short and simple requests and directions

5. Short and simple text relevant to everyday experiences