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On this page, you will find helpful resources and guides for Teachers and School Coordinators on how to sit ICAS Assessments from Getting Started to Reviewing Results.



ICAS Terms & Conditions Indonesia

Principal Letter



Technical Requirements

Parent Letter



ICAS Entry Form

Student Template / Test Candidate List


Sitting Date

2023 ICAS Test Supervisor Instructions

2023 ICAS Assessments Checklist Indonesia

2023 ICAS User Guide Indonesia

2023 Seating Plan

2023 Sitting Date Form



2023 ICAS Framework Mathematics

2023 ICAS Framework Science

2023 ICAS Framework English 

2023 ICAS Framework Digital Technologies 



2023 Parents How To Guide Result Online

2023 ICAS School Result Online Quick Guide


Medal Presentation Ceremony

Medal Presentation Ceremony (Social Media Page)








Prepare for Testing


For Students

Practice Question Types (Click here to ICAS Example Questions)


For Teacher


School Coordinator Dashboard

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Invite New Staff

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Import Students

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Allocate Test Licences to Students

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Print Student Logins

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Sit the Test


Supervise a Live Test 

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It's Test Day! Students can follow the video below to gain an understanding of how to sit the test. Students can also do some practice questions to become familiar with the layout of ICAS Tests.

How Students Take a Test 

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Examples of question types asked in ICAS 

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