TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) offers a flexible set of modules that builds a foundation in the core areas of knowledge needed for teaching English. TKT is both for experienced teachers and those who have not yet started teaching.

 There are four core TKT modules:

Module 1: Background to language teaching

Module 2: Planning for language teaching

Module 3: Classroom language and management

Practical Assessment of teaching competence.

TKT modules can be taken all together at the same time or separately, in any order, over a period of time.

Specialist modules

To extend the range of knowledge offered under the umbrella of Official preparation materials and support TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test), a flexible set of specialist modules has been created. There are three specialist TKT modules. TKT modules can be taken all together at the same time or separately, in any order, over a period of time.

TKT CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

 This module tests knowledge of concepts related to content and language integrated learning. TKT: CLIL describes an evolving approach to teaching where subjects are taught and studied through the medium of a non-native language. In TKT: CLIL learning a second or foreign language and learning a curricular subject are given a joint role; for example, a non-native speaker learning geography in English.

TKT: CLIL tests knowledge about content teaching in a second language and the learning, thinking and language skills which are developed across different curriculum subjects. It tests knowledge of how to plan lessons as well as knowledge of activities and resources used to support a CLIL approach. It also tests knowledge of teaching strategies and how assessment is carried out in CLIL contexts.

TKT: Knowledge About Language

English teachers need to be both linguistically aware and able to understand the difficulties students may encounter in the languagelearning process. To help meet this need, TKT: Knowledge About Language tests a candidate’s knowledge of the language systems needed by teachers for planning and teaching their lessons.

It tests knowledge of how the different features of English work from a teaching perspective. TKT: Knowledge About Language also focuses on the teacher’s awareness of the language needs of learners, and the difficulties involved in learning a second language.

TKT Young Learners

TKT: Young Learners tests the background knowledge related to teaching young learners in the 6–12 age range, and the practice of planning lessons, teaching strategies and assessing learning.

It is suitable for international candidates teaching across the primary sector of education. Candidates taking the test may have some experience of teaching English to young learners and will be familiar with the language of teaching as represented in the TKT Glossary.